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Webuild unveils strong growth in 2022

Webuild has strengthened its position in the US and Australia with projects including the new Sydney Airport rail link

Webuild has strengthened its position in the US and Australia with projects including the new Sydney Airport rail link

The company said that its latest figures, for the year to 31st December, 2022, are the result of a decade of growth that has seen it triple revenues and create over 70,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Webuild – which until May 2020 was known as Salini Impregilo – now ranks itself as among the global top 10 contractors in rail and motorway construction and number one in the water sector.

Over the past couple of years Webuild has been concentrating on strengthening its position in overseas markets (especially Australia and the US) while continuing to dominate the Italian market.

It currently has a forward order book worth €53.4bn, mostly in Australia, the US, Europe and Italy. Around 75% of new orders are from foreign markets and 25% are from Italy.

Among the main contributors to last year’s revenue growth was Italy’s National Recovery & Resilience Plan which resulted in contracts for new high-speed rail work between Milan and Genoa, Naples and Bari, and Verona and Padua.

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Major contract wins outside of Italy included those won by US subsidiary Lane and the Snowy 2.0 hydroelectric scheme in Australia.

Group chief executive Pietro Salini said: “We are particularly proud to have achieved these very challenging results, which are the crowning achievement of a strategic industrial project that inspired our actions and choices over the last 10 years, together with the 83,000 people who now work with us worldwide.

“We close 2022 with strong growth results and with a positioning that allows Webuild to establish itself more as a strategic interlocutor for the infrastructure sector in Italy and abroad, counting on a presence strongly anchored in low-risk markets.

“We have reached a greater scale that allows us to be more competitive, serving customers and local communities to deliver quality infrastructure that improves their lives such as subways, high-speed railways, dams, desalination plants and bridges.

Salini added that Webuild intends to strengthen its relationships with foreign governments in support of their programmes to tackle climate change, population growth, urbanisation and resource scarcity – in particular, water.

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